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We can handle all aspects of your personal injury claim, including auto repair, property damage, medical referrals.  We will deal with the insurance company so you don’t have to!  Don’t compound your recovery or loss by the added stress, let us handle it for you.


The law firm of Ubaldi and McPherson are experienced courtroom litigators.  We have been in practice for a combined 60 years.  Our partners have worked with insurance companies and uniquely understand how they operate and how to effectively and quickly resolve your claim.  If your claim goes to trial, we have the courtroom experience.  We also have specialized knowledge of medicine, physician specialists, and know the REAL value of your pain and suffering.  This knowledge results in maximum recovery for you.


We understand your desire to be listened to, treated fairly and honestly and we are always available

to speak with you and answer any questions.  Please call us today for a FREE, NO COST, NO OBLIGATION consultation.


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